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Welcome to ChrisWare!

ChrisWare is a division of Christopher's Store Unlimited. This site offers demos and free downloads of my software creations. Follow the links below, and those on the left menu. Some programs are not ready for release yet.

Warning: all downloads are offered without warranty and the author can not be held responsible for any damages that may arise from use of such software. Also, by downloading the software, you understand that it is copyrighted by the author, and you can not sell it nor distribute it without written permission from the author.

Stock Game | Spanish Helper | JuiceBox Image Converter

Free Downloads:

PI, 10000 decimals!

Now Available:

JBimage.exe-converts bitmap files to JBP (JuiceBox) files and JBP to BMP.

convert.exe-converts text to accented text. The converted text is copied to the clipboard.

htmledit.exe-simple html editor, very useful.

Coming soon:

CWGarden.exe-garden database-type program, keep track of your plants, their prices, location, quantity, and any other comments you want to make. Great for a gardener who has many plants, and wants to keep track of them. Also good, theoretically, for purposes other than gardening.

download_and_install.exe-simple downloader, gets an index from my website, allows you to browse through a listing, then allows you to install the program. Will also make other downloads quicker after you download this program.

mp3_player.exe, a simple mp3 player that opens a folder, then plays any songs that it can in alphabetical order, then repeats over and over. Great for background/work music.

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