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Program ID: 491200000707, version: 0.96.00
Download this program: JuiceBox Image Converter
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JuiceBox Image Converter!

Coming Soon? (Added 6/15/2007)
As a result of the unexpected and significant popularity of this program, I've decided to try working on an online image conversion tool. It will allow you to upload different file formats (e.g. png, jpg, and gif are planned), and at random sizes (although some kind of reasonable file-size limit will be in place), and it will then generate a .JBP file for you on-the-fly. Of course, these goals may change (for the better or worse) as this project moves forwards.

Preview Version (Added 7/9/2007)
As mentioned above, I have made an online image uploader which converts the uploaded image to a .JBP file, it is currently a "beta" release, and may not produce perfect results. Tell me if you experience any issues, and also be sure to mention the filename, if possible to assist my debugging work.

What is this program?

Updated: now featuring batch conversion of images
This program allows you to open bmp files, open jbp files, and save bmp files as well as save jbp files. This program is great if you are using a homebrew JuiceBox-SD/MMC adapter, or if your CD doesn't work. Also, there are some minor bugs regarding the image size and color depth when opening bitmap files. The JBP save/load functions are fairly slow (especially on old hardware) unfortunately. Windows only, although a Linux port may be available with significant demand.

JuiceBox Image Converter
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Note: JuiceBox is a registered trademark of Mattel, I do not claim any form of ownership of these names/brands.

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