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Program ID: 491200000509, version: 1.00
Download this program: HTML Editor
NOTE: click on this like a normal link, DO NOT right-click and select "Save Link As...", as it may not download correctly.

HTML Editor

This program works very much like Windows Notepad, but has some quick-access buttons for testing the webpage you are editing (plain text only, so far...). Pressing F5 opens the current file in a special IE (Internet Explorer) window, and F6 opens it in the real IE. Plans for the future include syntax highlighting, auto completion of tags, customizable browsers (I.E. Firefox, Netscape, Opera...), and possibly some other features. I may include a WYSIWGY editor at some point, but that may be too difficult.

If you close the test IE window, and then use F5, it may take a few seconds for the window to load. Solution: use Alt+Tab to switch back to the editor window instead of closing the testing window, this way, the window should open almost instantly.
Using this program may clear your clipboard, especially if it contains non-text content. Solution: save any clipboard contents, or don't use the test IE window (F5), but instead use the actual IE program (F6.)
When closing the program, you may get an "access violation" error. Solution: Ignore it, it shouldn't cause any harm.
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